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  Welcome to PypBoy!

PypBoy is not to be confused with PipBoy(™), PipBoy 2000(™), or PipBoy 3000(™). PipBoy(™) is an unregistered trademark of RobCo Industries and bears no relation to Inspyre Technologies.

Welcome! Unlike RobCo(™), we here at Inspyre Softworks(™) believe that open-source is the only course. So we've made the very same software that is on our Holotapes available for you to just download from our repsository over a network link!

"I have a non-brand-specific wrist-based computing device. How do I install PypBoy?

For most wrist-based portable computing devices with a Holotape reader, just insert your PypBoy(™) by Inspyre Softworks(™) Holotape. Confirm some config panels, and you’re good to go!

"But I don't have a non-brand specific wrist-based computing device!"

Never fear! Inspyre Softworks(™) has made PypBoy(™) and even has advanced features not available on any wrist-based computing devices. Below are the computer operating systems that PypBoy(™) can run on (click the links to see instructions for your OS):

  • Ubuntu (Linux | Python 3.7 | Pip)
  • Windows (Win | Python 3.7 | Pip)
  • MacOS (*nix | Python 3.7 | Pip)

Taylor-Jayde Blackstone