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The MonopolPy Companion App aims to provide useful utilities that will help you get more out of the awesome game of Monopoly.

  • peace of mind:
    • Banker: no more human bankers trying to do math 3 hours into a session. lament no more as the driving feature of this application is an automatic bank teller! This feature will include:

      • User money tracker: I know we all love those multicolored cat attractant, table-clinging bits of joy known as Monopoly-money, but cats, kids, entropy. This is where MC will step-in acting as the wallet for all this session's players. This will include the option to PIN or password protect your transactions for that play-session in order to ensure fairness for times when you may happen to be away from the board ( and therefore your monies)

      • Bank Asset Manager & Player Asset Tracker (BAM and PAT) (both can toggle on.off prior to starting of the game): The program can manage the deeds in the game including mortgages and the proper amount in order to pay one or more mortgaged properties off/how much you'll borrow upon mortgaging one or more properties.

        • Automatic Auction Manager: self-explanatory
        • Keeps logs of all transactions
    • Wallet: MC will have the ability to keep track of the players' session-wallet (if that's a feature you enable in the Start screen). This ensures:

      • All transactions get logged, and are reviewable at any time during the session, by any player
      • An option to pin-secure or password-secure one's transactions is made available
      • The deeds (including information like what they're worth, etc) will be tracked
      • Unlocks the Monopoly Asset Calculator(B-Priority)
    • Monopoly Asset Calculator: Use this nifty calculator for figuring out what your next move is(B-Priority)

    • Enhanced Private Trading Mediator:

      • Users can trade:
        • Rent immunity
        • Get out of jail cards
        • Properties
        • Loans

Taylor-Jayde Blackstone